New Brothers

Lambda Sigma Pi had initiated three new brothers from the Alpha Epsilon pledge class. Congratulations to the Alpha Epsilon brothers:

Victor Solorzano 

Randall Comeau 


The 17th White Rose Ceremony

Wow, what a fantastic night for everyone who went to the White Rose. It was at the Grand Salon in University Student Union. It opens on March 3rd, 2012 on Saturday. The event starts from 6 pm to 10 pm at nighttime. The Lambda Sigma Pi had worked hard to make this event a successful event beforehand. It was amazing how it went out through. 

At 6 pm, people started gathering in, sitting down at their seats, talking, chatting, and so on. There were a total of 33 people that showed up to support our fellow brothers of Lambda Sigma Pi fraternity. The food was served around 6:30 pm and people were lining up for the delicious turkey, chicken, or vegetarian food that was delivered by Mimi's Cafe. Thank for them for their help with the food. Everyone sat down, ate, and enjoyed chatting with people. 

Finally at 7 pm, the speech came on. The amazing Emcees were Justis Klein-Edgerton and Peter Aguilar. The two brothers have the projectors ready to help with their presentation. They start off with some humor from Justis about people did not want to sit around and listen to the awards as they wanted to have fun. Peter suggested that if they do not proceed passing out awards, the brothers will be mad. So they start off with the weird-looking president of Lambda Sigma Pi fraternity Daniel Harberts. He gave a good speech about the fraternity and about our wonderful sisters of Alpha Sigma Theta Sorority. When he was done, Justis made a short speech about the theme which was the band of LMFAO and why the brothers of Lambda Sigma Pi choose this event. (It explains why the president was dressing weird). 

They proceed with the awards. The first award was the Pledge of the Year. The winner was Peter Aguilar. Wow, congratulations. The second award was the highest GPA award goes to Justis Klein-Edgerton. Amazing job, perhaps that was why they are Emcees? I am just kidding about that. 

The third award that was announced was the Most Spirited Brother. Peter announced the winner was, "Not again!" meaning Justis Klein-Edgerton won the award once again. Tears came out of Justis as he hid behind the projector so that everyone does not see him cry. There was a break for people to sit up and play a game called "Dancing Chairs". It last for a good fifteen minutes.

The Alpha Sigma Theta president Ashley Griffith gave a tremendous speech about the gift they gave us. It was a banner of Lambda Sigma Pi because they feel like we need a new one. Thank you, Alpha Sigma Theta sisters! We will use it well. The fourth award was Most Improved Brother and it went to Daniel Harberts, our weird-looking president. Congratulations. The fifth award was Brother of the Year. It went, again, to Daniel Harberts. What a great night that fold about us. Justis and Peter was about to wrap it up. 

But wait, they forgot the most important award. Miss Siberian. Daniel Harberts and Joe Henderson did a long speech with hints about the new Miss Siberian of 2012/2013. Last year was Alicia Ponce. This year, Joe and Daniel announced that it was Amanda Murray. Congratulations. 

Peter and Justis wrapped it off, telling people about some announcements about party flavors, that there will be dancing, photographer will pose, and so on. Thank you, Emcees! 

Now people began to dance, chat, take pictures about the night. 

Pictures will be announced soon. 


Alpha Epsilon Class

We are hosing Alpha Epsilon pledge class in the fall of 2012.  If you have any questions or input, don't hesitate to contact us. Watch out for our coming up events and more informations. 


Rush for Alpha Epsilon

Hey Everybody!! :D  This week is the Rush week for Alpha Epsilon!  The Rushing won't start on Monday, but Tuesday, February 7th.  Those who are interested in joining us, Lambda Sigma Pi, has to attend to our events, if time allows.  And this year we are doing something different... we came up with an application for you to join Lambda Sigma Pi, so we can know you better.  Below is the schedule of all of our events that are on February 7th through 10th.  Everyone is welcome to attend to our events :-) Hope to See you all there

When Event Where Time

February 7th Intro/Bowling Matador Bowl 7pm-10pm

February 8th Potluck and Game Night Building 6 Dorm (Grass Area) 6pm-8pm

February 9th  Sports Day Deathborn Park  4pm-6pm

February 10th Dinner Shogun Sushi 6pm-8pm  

Only possible pledges can attend to the last event


17th Annual White Rose

White rose is finally coming up!!!  Come and celebrate with us, Lambda Sigma Pi brothers!  There will be food, and fantastic entertainment! We will hold the White rose in the Grand Salon on March 3rd.  Tickets for the White Rose are $30 each until March 2nd at 11:59 PM.  Then the tickets can be purchased at the door for $40.  Hurry up and buy your tickets before March 2nd.  OH... and the theme is LMFAO, so wear random colors or check out their video to get some ideas.  We will keep you up to date with the White Rose.  Hope to see you all there!!! :-)